Where’s My Coffee?

coffee-beans (Small)

Starting my day on facebook without offending somebody is like trying to start my day without coffee. There must be somebody left who needs offended.

Mustache Encrusted Feminists
Liberal Douchebags
Conservative Asshats
Traditionalists Women
Religious Fundamentalists
Christian Right Zionists
Free-market Fundamentalists
Entitled Princesses/Queens
Pretentious Bullshitters
Drum Circle Hippies
White Knight/Manginas
Beer Rednecks & their Trucks
Authority Bootlickers
Flag-waving ‘Mericans
Creationist Aretards
Racist Fucksticks
Homophobic White-trash
Harley Fags
Jesus-quote posters
Vapid pop-culture Fetishists
Desperately Single 30-somethings
Soccer Moms
Single Moms

Apologies to all who didn’t make the list…you probably weren’t important to me anyway, but I may consider adding you at a later date. You’re all poo-flinging monkeys. I hate you all. Go fuck yourselves. Where’s my coffee?

Giant Coffee (Small)


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