The Lowdown on the Religions of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Moses, and Paul Kurtz

Mixed Nuts.

Prometheus Unbound

The six great world religions come with messages of good news and bad. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Islam and Christianity. Good news: God and heaven are real and you can go there! Bad news: Get with the program or God will torture you over fire forever.
  • Judaism. Good news: God has given the land of Israel to the descendants of Abraham! Bad news: It’s occupied.
  • Secular Humanism. Good news: Working together, we can make a heaven of Earth! Bad news: At death that’s the end of you.
  • Hinduism. Good news: You are a part of God! Bad news: So is McDonald’s.
  • Buddhism. Bad news: The things of this world have no essence and nothing lasts; to attach to anything is suffering. Good news: The self too has no essence and it will all be over soon.

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