Bootlicking Punctuality

study_self73Fuck punctuality. If I had a time machine, I’d annihilate the inventor of the wrist-watch and the alarm clock. It’s not a matter of moral rectitude–being on time. Can you imagine a time when people weren’t enslaved by the minute positions of the sun relative to the earth? Those were the good old days. We only had 3 times–breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Punctuality is boot-licking. Love your enslavement. All you punctual people, isn’t that right? If your boots are not licked, if you have to wait for just one moment, your fetish is not satiated. Fuck punctuality. Fuck the wrist-watch. Fuck the alarm clock. Fuck punctual people. I just hope the clock on the time machine works well.


One thought on “Bootlicking Punctuality

  1. Time is a tyrant, I agree. But it also depends on the context. Timing and punctuality is everything in medical care, military operations, investing, real estate and legal proceedings. Punctuality isn’t a matter of moral rectitude in some cases so much as a matter of life and death.

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